Monday, July 20, 2009

Very busy summer...

It seems as though every summer is busy. The time just flies by. Every weekend we have at least two hockey games. Jonathan and Brianna are playing in an off season league. Both teams are doing remarkably well. Jonathan's team is first in his division and Brianna's team is second in her division. They are both having a very fun time.

Natalie is riding four days out of seven at the barn. We have had three horse shows so far with at least one more before the county fair. The next show is this Saturday. Carolyn did have the sewing class. She is just along for the ride until the fair. Add all this to children spending time with friends and it adds up to a lot of time on the run.

In seven days we will all be working and attending the VBS program at our church. Needless to say, my garden is not getting the attention that it needs from me. Apparently the deer are giving it good attention. I am starting to rethink the whole idea of gardening with the persistent deer problem that we have here.

This week will be full of VBS preparation, visiting with friends, preparing for the next horse show, and all the daily activities like laundry, grocery shopping and preparing meals.

As things settle down more toward the fall, I hope to blog more consistently.


Persuaded said...

I've missed you Jennifer! Sounds like your summer has been super busy, so I do understand that you've been otherwise engaged. I have been doping lots and lots of running around, and I am really looking forward to more at home days. Hopefully this fall!

Beth said...

Hi Jennie! We have been soooo busy this year as well! This week is full of 4H check in times and teaching Bible school in the evenings. NEXT weekend is my son's wedding! It is an incredibly busy time.
I'm so glad to read your blogs when you have time to write. Perhaps things will settle down a little bit for us all soon...but then school starts...homeschooling and all!!
My garden is suffering a little too...I picked my first regular size tomato last night. We have had several tiny ones before. My daughter Jennie eats them as soon as they ripen!
Have a lovely day!