Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday's Fruit from My Hands...

Finally I was able to work on replanting my tomato plants into their larger pots. I had waited longer than I did last year and they had gotten quiet leggy. I repotted 30 tomato seedlings, 6 basil seedlings, 4 cabbage seedlings, and 8 lettuce seedlings. I did not take a picture of today's work, but I do have a few pictures of my light set up in my basement. I am very thankful to my friend, Amy, who no longer wanted the lighting system. She gave it to me. The smaller light in the background was purchased by me last season.
Tomorrow we will be picking up our free raspberry plants. I don't know a whole lot about growing brambles or any other fruit for that matter. I will put up some pictures of our raspberries after we get them in the ground.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Today's Fruit...

My hands have been fairly busy today. Since I made a full week meal plan, I had to honor what the menu said and make muffins for the children for breakfast. Once we had cleaned up, it was time for school. It is our habit to read from a chapter book on Fridays. We have been working our way through Farmer Boy for several weeks now. Carolyn took her placement test for our year-end standardized testing. We still have to complete one more section.

I was able to dig a little in the garden. I am working on creating the most productive garden. This will be the third year for our garden. I have a huge herd of white tail deer that I compete with for produce. Last year, my husband put up a seven foot fence. Since it was a lightweight mesh, it didn't last the season. I would prefer not to put up a fence, but I am not sure if I can get away with that. I had read that deer are deterred by horse manure. Since I have access to as much free aged manure as I can haul home, I am going to try. Hopefully there is some merit to it.

I topped the day off with a trip to Home Depot. We finally picked wall colors from the dining room and living room. My husband has them all beautifully primered. I am secretly hoping that he will at least paint the accent wall tomorrow before we are running from hockey rink to hockey rink.